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The Care First Kern coalition (CFK) is a chapter of the Care First California coalition (CFC). CFC is an alliance of community organizations, directly impacted people, state and national advocacy groups, civil rights advocates, and public defenders working to replace the carceral system with a system that provides support and care for all people in need. 

Similarly, CFK aims to organize and mobilize lthose impacted by the carceral system, local advocates, and community organizations to shift Kern County’s punitive approach and replace the carceral system with a care-first model.
Killing County Screening & Panel
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Measure K Oversight Commission 
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Killing County Documentary Series Out Now →

Learn about the police landscape of Bakersfield and the families that are affected by it in ABC New’s Studio 3-part series, Killing County. Watch on Hulu and stay informed about upcoming screenings. 

Promotional Image for Documentary. Reads "Hulu: Killing County" over an image of a bullet on top of a map of Bakersfield California

Become Our Media Coordinator →

This is a stipend base position, 6-8 hours a week. The CFK coalition is looking for an individual who is committed to the leadership of those most  impacted by incarceration. The CFK coalition media coordinator (media coordinator) will work closely with coalition partners to help develop and implement a communications platform and push out CFK narrative and campaigns.


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County Police Budget Break-down

Check out our one-pager explaining how the county directs it's funds, more often than not towards the BPD.