The Care First Mission

is to make comprehensive changes to the criminal legal system that reduce policing and promote community-based support and services for all people by

Reducing the power of law enforcement
including police, judges, prosecutors, probation departments, immigration officials, to harm individuals and communities through incarceration, supervision, surveillance, occupation and other forms of violence;
Passing PPI
Supporting legislative and other initiatives that advance the goals of liberation and equity; and Passing PPI, a comprehensive pretrial reform initiative that rejects money bail and risk assessment, while dramatically reducing eligibility for pretrial detention and building services for people accused of and surviving crime.
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Care First CA: Preserving the Presumption of Innocence

The Care First California Coalition is an alliance of community organizations, directly impacted people, state and national advocacy groups, civil rights advocates and public defenders who seek to replace the carceral system with a system that provides support and care for all people in need. We have joined together to promote comprehensive pretrial reform through our legislative model “Preserving the Presumption of Innocence” (PPI) that ends money bail, rejects risk assessments, dramatically reduces the number of people eligible for pretrial incarceration, guarantees due process rights and develops community based pretrial services and supports for survivors of crime, completely independent of law enforcement.

The Care First Coalition

Alliance for Boys and Men of Color | Californians United for a Responsible Budget | Care First Kern County | Community Justice Exchange | The Bail Project | Bend the Arc | Civil Rights Corps | California Coalition for Women Prisoners | Color of Change | Decarcerate Sacramento | Debt Collective | Dignity and Power Now | Encode Justice | Essie Justice Group |  Human Rights Watch |  Justice 2 Jobs | JusticeLA | LA Community Action Network | La Defensa | Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area | National Lawyers’ Guild | San Bernardino Free Them All  | San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project | San Francisco Public Defender | Silicon Valley DeBug | Transforming Justice Orange County |  Trans Lifeline | UCLA Criminal Justice Program | Young Women’s Freedom Center | White People for Black Lives 

Interested in joining our coalition as an organization or individual? Reach out to us at CareFirstCalifornia (at) gmail or click the link above, and we’ll connect with you.